Introduction to Sisense Pulse

Sisense Pulse enables you to stay on top of your most important KPIs across all your dashboards and your latest ElastiCube builds. By adding important KPIs from your dashboards to Sisense Pulse, you can get a comprehensive picture of your data from a single location.

Sisense Pulse contains tiles that display information from your dashboards and the status of your ElastiCube builds.

Within Sisense Pulse, there are two types of tiles; data tiles that display your data's current status and recent history, and build tiles that display the latest status of your ElastiCube builds.

You can access Sisense Pulse from the menu bar of the Sisense.

By hovering over the header of any tile in Sisense Pulse, you can view additional options for your tiles.

The icon opens a new tab in your browser. For data tiles, the dashboard where the widget originated is displayed, and for build tiles, the data source is displayed.

The icon is a tooltip that describes the tile in more detail.

For data tiles, the tooltip describes who added the tile to Pulse and when it was added. Build tile tooltips describe when the tile was created, which ElastiCube is being monitored, and under what conditions an alert is triggered when alerts are enabled.

The icon displays a menu for managing tiles in Sisense Pulse. For more information, see Managing Tiles in Sisense Pulse.

Adding Tiles to Sisense Pulse

To keep track of your important KPIs and ElastiCube builds, you add the relevant data and build tiles to Sisense Pulse.

The flow for adding tiles to Sisense Pulse is the same for creating alerts for Indicator widgets and ElastiCube builds.

For more information about these flows, see the following topics:

For data tiles, see Creating Data Alerts.

For build tiles, see Creating Build Alerts.

Each of these flows adds tiles to Sisense Pulse and creates an alert. If you want to monitor your data and ElastiCube builds without alerts, see "Deactivating Notifications for All Users" in Managing Tiles in Sisense Pulse.