Managing Drill Hierarchies

Dashboard viewers can drill down in most widgets to get an in-depth view of a selected value. For information about how dashboard viewers can use this functionality, see Drilling Down in a Widget.

To make it easier for viewers to select drill-down paths, Administrators can add predefined drill hierarchies to their widgets. The dashboard designers can select these in the widget designer to include them in the widgets they build. For information about enabling or disabling the drilling feature, see Adding Drill Hierarchies to Widgets

This section describes how to create and manage the drill hierarchies that you want to make available for designers.

To create a drill-down hierarchy:

  1. Navigate to the Data tab's list view.

  2. For the relevant Model, click the three-dot menu and select Manage Hierarchies.

  3. To add a hierarchy, click Add Hierarchy in the top-right corner.

  4. Select the field. This will be the first field in the drill hierarchy, and the same field used in the widget.

  5. Click Add Field to add the next level in the drill hierarchy. Repeat this step for as many levels as you need.

    Additional options include:

    Always include with field: Select this check box to always include the drill hierarchy in the widget for this field.

    Editing the hierarchy name: To edit the name of the drill hierarchy, click the three-dot menu next to the hierarchy name, select Rename and type in the name. Click the check mark icon to confirm the change.

    Removing a field: To remove a field in the hierarchy, hover over the field name and click the trash bin icon.

    Adding a field to the middle of the hierarchy:To add a field in the hierarchy, click the arrows between the fields (which become "+" when hovered over) in the location where you want to add the field.

  6. Add as many hierarchies as you need for the Model. When done, dashboard designers will have access to the hierarchies in the widget designer, and will be able to select and add them to the widget.

    To delete a hierarchy:

    • Click the trash bin icon to the right of the hierarchy.