Configuring General System Settings

The General Settings let you define the web server's alias, the first day of the week, default language, and more.

To update one or more settings:

  1. In the top menu, click Admin.

  2. Open General Settings in one of the following ways:
    • From the search bar at the top of the window, search for General Settings.
    • From the navigation pane on the left, under App Configuration, click General Settings.
  3. Update one or more of the following settings:

    • General:

      • Alias: Define the web server's alias or IP address. This is especially important when you have customized your domain name (alias), for example, to prevent sharing dashboards from the incorrect IP address. This only shows which alias was defined. Updating the Sisense DNS Alias. Reports will be sent from the alias entered in this field.

      • First Day of the Week: Select the first day of the week so all of your Sisense users' queries will be calculated according to the day you define. By default, the first day of the week is Monday when querying an ElastiCube. Sisense defines Monday as the first day according to ISO 8601. This means that when selecting filters such as Week 1, Week 2, etc., the first day of the week is not that defined by first day of that year, but rather the first Monday of the year. Each week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday for 52-53 full weeks in a year.


        Changing the first day of week after using a dashboard or widget filter/drill that uses the Weeks filter might lead to incorrect results. To resolve the issue, the Weeks filter should be removed and then re-added.

      • First Month of Fiscal Calendar: Select the first month of your company's fiscal calendar. By default, the first month of the fiscal calendar is January.


        Changing the first month of the fiscal calendar after using a dashboard or widget filter/drill that uses the related date fields might lead to incorrect results. To resolve the issue, the date filter should be removed and then re-added.

      • Default Language: Select the language to be displayed in Sisense . If you have defined a custom translation, the name of the language, as defined in settings.json, is displayed in this list. Select it to display your custom translation.

      • Update on Every Change: You can choose whether new dashboards will be updated automatically for every filter change or not. Not updating for every change may be useful when users are working with very large datasets where query times might be slower. If you choose not to update automatically, a button on the dashboard will be available to viewers. They will need to click it each time they want to update the dashboard after a filter change.
        Viewers can override this setting for individual dashboards by toggling the Update on every change switch to on in their dashboard settings.


        Toggling the Update on every change switch only impacts the dashboards that were created after this option was toggled to off.

    • Users:

      • User activation link expiration (days): Sets the expiration period for the user activation email. The default setting is 7 days. This expiration period also applies when a new invitation is sent using the Resend invitation option, see Managing Dashboard Users.

      • Limit Users Sharing to Their Own Groups: Users can be limited to only share and republish to users that are in the same groups the user is in. Users that belong to several groups can share with all the users in those groups. Sharing limitations:

        • Users can only share with users in the user's groups.
        • Administrators can share with all users and groups, including the Everyone group.
        • Data Administrators can only share with users in their groups. For data security specifically, they can share with the Everyone group, but not the individual users in the group.
        • Users who have no membership in any group cannot share with any user or group in Sisense. These users can still share widgets and dashboards by using emails that are not defined in the system.


          This setting replaces the limitShareAutocomplete setting in Add-ons, which was deprecated in L2022.9.

      • New Users Can be Invited via Dashboard Sharing: You can control who uses your Sisense license by preventing users from sharing a dashboard with users that are not in the Sisense user table. Enable or disable this option to control the automatic addition of users when sharing dashboards.

  4. Click Save.