Updating the Sisense DNS Alias

If you changed the Sisense web server IP address, you must update the Sisense alias with the configuration YAML file you used when deploying Sisense on your Linux machine.
Updating the Sisense alias is important if you customized your domain name (alias). For example, to prevent sharing dashboards from an incorrect IP address, the dashboards are sent from the alias entered in this field.
To update the DNS alias:

  1. Open the relevant configuration file for your deployment as described in Planning Your Configuration.
  2. Enter values for the following parameters in the configuration YAML file that is relevant to your environment:
    • update: Set to true
    • application_dns_name: Enter the DNS alias
    • is_ssl: Set the value to true
    • ssl_key_path: Enter the path for the key certificate file
    • ssl_cer_path: Enter the path for the cer certificate file
  3. Configure the local hostname file in your source machine where you connect from to identify the new application endpoint:
    vim /etc/hosts and add IP-ADDRESS HOSTNAME 
  4. Run the configuration script, for example:
    ./sisense.sh single_config.yaml 


    This command may be different depending on your deployment. Follow the relevant instructions in Initializing Sisense on Linux based on the Sisense deployment in your system.

  5. In your browser, access the server with the domain name configured in the hosts file.
    • For non-secure connections:

    • For secure connections: