Connecting to Snowflake


This topic describes how to import data into Sisense's ElastiCube, and how to use Introducing Live Models.

Sisense enables easy and quick access to databases, tables and views contained within Snowflake.

To connect to your Snowflake database, you need to provide a connection string that identifies which Snowflake warehouse you are connecting to and that database's credentials. To create a connection string, see JDBC Driver Connection String.


You must provide the warehouse name (warehouse=<name>) and database name (db=<name>) in the connection string.

Alternatively, you can provide your connection string and instead of user credentials, you can use Key-Pair credentials for authentication. For more information, see Using Key Pair Authentication.

Store your Key Pair here: /opt/sisense/storage/<any sub-folder>

You can import your data into a Sisense ElastiCube , or connect your data to a Sisense Live model, using Introducing Live Models .