Connecting to Custom Connectors with JDBC Drivers

Using the Sisense Custom Connector Platform

Users can connect to any data JDBC-compatible data source. This page describes how to retrieve the relevant JDBC driver.

  1. Check whether the data source vendor has a JDBC driver. See Custom Connectors Using Vendor JDBC Drivers.

  2. If the data source does not have a JDBC driver, check whether CData has a driver for the desired data source. CData is commonly used for CRM, marketing, social, or ERP applications, or no-SQL engines, such as, Google Analytics. See CData Drivers.

Connecting to Your Application via a Connection String

To access your application from Sisense , you must create a connection string and provide it to Sisense .

See Deploying a Custom Connector and Creating a Custom Connection.

Follow the above instructions only on first connect, and then when your credentials to the application change.

To help you create a connection string and test the connection, see Connection String Builder for Certified Connectors.

If you have any issues connecting to your data source, see Troubleshooting JDBC Data Connectors.


  • The driver samples the first X rows and determines the column type. When Sisense finds rows within the data that does not match the column type, Sisense driver returns an error.