Connection String Builder for Certified Connectors

Sisense uses connection strings to connect to a variety of data sources. Each connection string contains authentication parameters that the data source uses to verify your identity, and determine which and how the data will be exposed.

To help you build the connection string and test the connection, you can use the Connection String Builder. This tool is provided to Sisense users through a certification partner CData.

To build and test your connection string:

  1. To open the Connection String Builder, open the lib directory for the relevant connector. This is an example path: C:\Program Files\CData\CData JDBC Driver for XYZ 2019\lib.

  2. Double-click the JAR file in the lib directory.

    The Connection String Builder opens.

  3. Find the desired connection property and click in the Value column to enter a value or to modify an existing value.

  4. Repeat for each desired connection property.

  5. Press Enter to add the connection properties to the string.

  6. Click Test Connection to test and validate the entered connection properties.

  7. Once validated, click Copy to Clipboard and paste the string in the Connection String field of the Add Data dialog box.