Sending Dashboards as Email Reports

Configure the Sisense Scheduler to send periodic email reports containing a static version of your dashboard. When the recipient clicks the emailed dashboard, they can access the dashboard in Sisense or PDFs containing images of your dashboard.

From your dashboard, you can configure how many emails the Scheduler sends and when.


By default, the ability to manage subscription settings is turned on at the system level. However, dashboard owners must still unlock this feature on a per-dashboard basis.

To schedule email notifications:

  1. In your dashboard, click the Share icon to display the Share window.

  2. In the Shared Dashboard window, click the tab.

  3. Select the type of report you want to send:

    • Email Report: The widgets are embedded in the email message body, arranged vertically.
    • PDF Attachment: The report is attached to the email as a PDF. When this option is selected, click Edit/View PDF Report to define how the dashboard will display in the PDF. For more information, see Customizing PDF Reports.
  4. In the Schedule area, select the frequency for sending email notifications.

    Option Description
    Time zone Set the time zone for sending the email reports.
    Every ElastiCube update. No more than X emails per day Select to send a report each time you update the ElastiCube

    In the Number field, select the number of emails to send per day, regardless of the number of builds.

    Daily Select to send one email report at the defined time.
    In the Everyday field, select the days the scheduled report is to be sent. You can select multiple days.
    Select the Hour that Sisense starts preparing the email report. The report will be sent on the defined days as soon as it is ready.
    Monthly Select to send one email report a month.
    In the Every month field, select the month the scheduled report is to be sent. You can select multiple months. Select Every month to send a report each month.
    Select the day of the month and the hour that the email will be sent.
    If you select days that do not exist in the month (such as February 29, 30, or 31) no report will be sent for that month.
  5. To test how the report will display to your shared users, in the Shared Dashboard window, click the Send me a report now link . This generates an email report which is sent to your email address immediately.
  6. Click Save.


Important: If 'Data as of' is selected, a date and time appear in the Header of the PDF preview. This is the time of the latest data refresh attempt (even if it failed) and is presented in UTC time. It's unrelated to the time zone selected on the report schedule.

Watch this video for a demonstration of sharing a dashboard:

Dashboard Reporting Error

Sisense sends a report to the recipient, even if one widget on the dashboard fails and is not exported in the report.
If a widget export failure occurs, the dashboard owner receives a Dashboard Reporting Error message that includes:

  • The failed widgets
  • The reason for the failure
  • The recipients who did not get the widget

Click Open Dashboard to view the dashboard with the broken widget and determine the reason for the widget failure.