Integrating Sisense with Portworx

Sisense requires the following system prerequisites and deployment configuration changes if your environment uses the Portworx platform for end-to-end storage and data management solution on the Kubernetes cluster.

System Prerequisites

  • A running cluster using Kubernetes v1.17 (minimum)
  • Installed Portworx v2.6
  • One ReadWriteMany Kubernetes storage class
  • One ReadWriteOnce Kubernetes storage class

For more information about the storage classes, see the Portworx documentation.

These Portworx prerequisites are in addition to the prerequisites detailed in the:

Deployment Configuration

You must make the following changes to the cluster_config.yaml file used for the Installing Sisense on Linux procedure.

  1. Edit the cluster_config.yaml file.

                      vim cluster_config.yaml
  2. Remove the redundant configuration from the k8s_nodes parmeter. Only use the node and roles keys:

                      - { node: node1, roles: "application, query" }
                      - { node: node2, roles: "application, query" }
                      - { node: node3, roles: "build" }
  3. For the storage_type parameter, enter the value: "portworx"

  4. For the update parameter, enter the value: "true"

  5. Add the following two parameters to the cluster storage type section in the YAML file:

    rwx_sc_name: The name for the storage class with the ReadWriteMany capability

    rwo_sc_name: The name for the storage class with the ReadWriteOnce capability

                      storage_type: "portworx"
                      rwx_sc_name: "your-rwx-storageclassname"
                      rwo_sc_name: "your-rwo-storageclassname"


When using Portworx as storage provider, you must use it for both ReadWriteMany and ReadWriteOnce.