Funnel Chart

The funnel chart shows stages in a process that are sequentially dependent. The funnel shape helps you track the health or validity of any process. For instance:

  • Tracking sequential data that moves through stages
  • Representing a greater number of items in the first stage versus a smaller number in the final stage
  • Calculating the results of customer leads through sale conversions
  • Measuring the progress of a marketing campaign from impressions to interactions
  • Revealing bottlenecks in a linear production and manufacturing process
  • Adjusting the size of clinical medical trials based on size of test and control groups
  • Measuring the progress and success of click-through advertising/marketing campaigns

Each stage in the chart represents a percentage of the total with the top, thickest stage being the largest, and each subsequent stage thinner than its predecessor. If you have a stage that appears thicker than the previous stage, this chart can help you identify a problem in your process.

There are two ways to use a funnel chart. You can either pick a category accompanied by a single value, or you can add multiple values. If you pick a category, the value will be broken-by the members of the category and each member is represented by a section within the funnel.


If you are already using the Sisense Marketplace add-on funnel widget, you can easily move to this Sisense widget (starting with version L2021.01.1) by using the Widget Designer to select the funnel widget from the Visualization selector, see Changing a Widget's Visualization. The advantage to using the Sisense widget versus the add-on is you can:

Adding Data

  • You can use the Categories panel if you use fields that contain all the steps in the process, click Add + to select the category and the value is represented as stages in the funnel.
  • Alternatively, you can click Add + in the Values area to select the individual measures to include in the funnel. Each measure appears as a stage in the funnel.

The fields appear in the same top to bottom order in the funnel as they appear in the panel. Also, the value of the funnel's top stage is always 100% and the percentage value for each subsequent stage is derived from the top stage.

Designing the Funnel Chart

You can fine tune the appearance of the funnel widget with the following tools.

  • Funnel Size: Select the funnel width Wide, Regular (default), and Narrow.
  • Funnel Type: Select Pinched to display the last stage as a rectangle so that the funnel looks skinnier at the bottom.
  • Funnel Direction: Select Inverted to flip that chart so the first stage is on the bottom and the last stage is on top.
  • Legend: Toggle on or off to display the legend and select where it is displayed: Top, Left, Right, or Bottom.
  • Labels:Toggle on or off to display the stage labels and select the elements to display.
    • Categories: Show (default) or hide the labels for each stage but still display the values for each stage.
    • Percent: Show (default) or hide the percentage that each stage represents.
    • Values: Show (default) or hide the numerical value of each stage.
    • Decimal: Show (default) or hide a decimal value for each percentage. This label only applies when the Percent value is selected.