B2D Querying, Translator, and Logs

Querying from the Destination Database

With a B2D feature, is there still an EC Qry Pod that is established?

With this feature, EC Qry Pod is not used. All queries are performed via the query pod (the same functionality used in Live connection).

Is the Query Pod going to have an increased performance load incurred?

The Query Pod is expected to have a similar load to cubes that run in Live connection.


What is the translator used for in the B2D?

The translator is used specifically to translate the SQL statements when building custom tables and custom columns from the Sisense dialect to the destination database dialect.

The translator is also used for all query operations (as with Live connection).

Does toggling between the old and new translator affect B2D?

The toggle does not apply to the build operation. However, similar to Live Cube, the toggle does affect the query operation.

With B2D, custom columns and custom tables expressions can also be written using the destination database dialect. However, note that custom tables cannot be created before a full build is performed. Custom columns can be created with no full build performed using an update expression, and by default will be defined as a string type.


Which logs are generated during the build that should be used for analyzing the B2D run?

The existing logs continue to be written for the build which should be used for troubleshooting and analysis, including build.log and management.log. Note that the process does not have anything to write to the EC build log.