Embedding, White Labeling, and Rebranding

Sisense ’s embedded analytics solution enables you to deliver data-driven insights to your customers through the power of fully white-labeled interactive analytics within applications and workflows. Sisense can be delivered as a fully white-labeled and customized stand-alone application or Sisense dashboards and widgets can be embedded into your website or application using iFrames, the Sisense Embed SDK, and the SisenseJS library for a seamless user experience. This means you can provide your users and customers with Sisense ’s analytical capabilities, such as reporting, and visualization, built into your business applications and solutions.

Sisense ’s embedded analytic solution exposes a variety of API driven and UI-based functionality for customizing and extending your integration. Sisense ’s full suite of REST APIs and developer toolkits enables programmatic automation of workflows. In addition, Sisense can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel with no-code UI customization and white-labeling capabilities. Sisense can also be enhanced and extended using JavaScript APIs and the add-on framework.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Seamlessly integrate Sisense with your current interface and branding
  • Manage data, reporting, and visualization
  • Integrate SSO and Active Directory
  • Govern user and data security
  • Support high availability and resource scaling

This documentation is intended for product managers and developers. For product managers who want to enhance their products and applications with Sisense embedded analytics, this section describes the features and functionality Sisense offers as part of an embedded analytics solution. For developers who embed Sisense in the application, this section describes how to embed Sisense analytics.

OEM Deployments

OEM deployments include rebranding and embedding.

Rebranding Sisense

Sisense enables you to customize the Sisense UI to display your company's unique branding and suit your company’s look and feel.

White Labeling

Sisense white labeling enables you to replace the Sisense logo and name, change the color palette used by the application, customize the emails sent by the system, and more. When white labeling Sisense , you completely rebrand a Sisense deployment for your customers. They aren't necessarily aware that the analytics they are accessing is actually a Sisense server.

Customizing the User Interface

Sisense enables you to customize the Sisense UI to display your company's unique branding. Update brand and text colors, fonts, and more to match your desired look and feel.

For more information, see:

Embedding Sisense

If you have your own web application, you can embed Sisense within it. Sisense supports embedding the full Sisense application, including the data modeling, analytics, and administration areas. You can also choose to embed specific dashboards and widgets into your application and you can embed widgets within web pages.

Embedding Options

Each organization has their own requirements when white labeling, rebranding, and embedding Sisense ’s analytic solution and BI capabilities based on their use-case.

There are three methods for embedding Sisense into your website or application:

  • iFrames
  • Sisense Embed SDK
  • Sisense.JS

Use this table to determine which approach fits your use case:

Method iFrames Embed SDK Sisense.js
Skill level Basic HTML Javascript Javascript
Time to deployment Very fast Fast Medium
Flexibility Limited Medium High
What can be embedded Entire UI, dashboards Entire UI, dashboards, widget editor Individual widgets, filters panel
Best use case Simple static embedding Interactive embedding of entire dashboards Embedding individual widgets, custom layouts

To learn more about the best approach for you, see below and the Sisense Developers’ Guide.

For general information about embedding Sisense , see:

  • Embedding Dashboards and Widgets via iFrames
  • Embedding Dashboards and Widgets via the Embed SDK (Documentation) (API Reference)
  • Embedding Dashboards and Widgets via SisenseJS (Documentation) (API Reference)

Explore Sisense’s embedding approaches in the Sisense Embedding Playground.


This is the quickest and easiest way to embed Sisense dashboards into your web application. Using iFrames is a great solution for simple embedding use-cases and Sisense has built-in support for it. You can even append query parameters to the dashboard’s URL to adjust the UI, as needed.

For implementation information, see the Sisense Dev site.

Sisense Embed SDK

The Sisense Embed SDK enables tighter integration with the host application with minimal code. Delivered as a JavaScript library, the Embed SDK minimizes developer resources to manage complex communication between the host application and embedded analytics. The Embed SDK is an abstracted embedded interface that wraps an iFrame element. With the Sisense Embed SDK you can programmatically:

  • Render a Sisense iFrame element or hook to an existing one
  • Subscribe to various events fired within Sisense
  • Execute commands like adding and removing filters, or exporting dashboards
  • Access information about the state of the Sisense application within the iFrame

The SDK removes all the hassle and risk and significantly speeds up development and integration.

For implementation information, see the Sisense Developer site.

For implementation information, see the Sisense Developer site.


SisenseJS is a JavaScript library for embedding individual Sisense widgets and filters in web applications without needing to use iFrames.

With the SisenseJS library, you can:

  • Load Sisense runtime anywhere, without iFrames
  • Load dashboards in runtime
  • Render all, part, and new widgets in any DOM container
  • Embed Sisense visualizations into your mobile applications

For implementation information, see the Sisense Developer Guide .