Viewing Data Models

In the Data page, you can view all the data models that you own or that were shared with you.

In this example the Data page is displaying the data models using the Tile view:

Tile and List Views

You can toggle between the Tile and List views by clicking the View icon found in the right-hand side of the Dashboard area.

Tile View

The Tile view displays the names of the data models, host locations (for ElastiCubes), the data providers (for Live models), the name of the model creator, as well as the last model build time, last modified time and the time of the next scheduled build.

You can click a tile to open the model, or click its menu to see a variety of options. The options displayed are determined by your role and whether or not you own the model.

When you see a yellow tag attached to the tile this indicates that the model is in your system, but you are viewing the owner's version, and not your version. This tag is only visible for Administrators. For more information Introducing ElastiCubes.

List View

The List view provides information about your system adoption, such as the number of Viewers of each dashboard, and the last time a dashboard was modified.

The List view provides the following information:

  • Name - The name of the data model.

  • Data Model Type - ElastiCube or Live (Provider Listed).

  • Owner - Name of model owner.

  • Last Modified - The last time the model was modified. Any changes to the model affect the "last modified" timestamp.

  • Last Built/Published - The last time the model was built and/or published.

  • Status - Indicates whether the model is building or running.

  • Size on Disk - Data volume in MB/GB