User Analytics

The Usage - User dashboard provides you with insights regarding your Sisense users. This dashboard is useful to see which users are active and which users are using a license unnecessarily.

The User Analytics dashboard contains data regarding how many users were active for the recorded period of time, how often they are using your dashboards, and what type of dashboard load performance your users are experiencing.

You can filter the information displayed in your widgets with a set of filters on the right. With these filters, you can filter the details displayed in your dashboard by each user, group, or dashboard.

This dashboard is useful for answering the following questions:

Question Widget

How many active users do I have?

Active Users in Period, Dashboard Refreshes and Viewers, User Activity

Can unnecessary users be deleted?

Active Users in Period, Viewed Dashboards per User, User Activity

How often are my users viewing dashboards?

Avg Refreshes per User

How many times is a dashboard being refreshed?

Dashboard Refreshes and Viewers

How many times are users interacting with my dashboards?

Avg Actions per User, User Actions

How fast are my dashboards loading?

Dashboard Load Time

Who is viewing my dashboards?

Dashboard Viewer, Viewed Dashboards per Users