Locating Dashboards

You can quickly and easily locate dashboards without having to navigate through your entire list of dashboards. When you enter any characters in the Search field, the list of dashboards is filtered according to the characters found within your dashboard titles.

To locate a dashboard by name, source, owner, or who the dashboard is shared with, you can use search operators within the Search field. Sisense supports the following operators:

What You Can Search By

Search Operator with Example

Dashboard name


Example: Name: Sales

Data source


Example: Source: Sample eCommerce

Users the dashboard is Shared with

Shared withExample:

"Shared with: John"

Dashboard Owner


Example: Owner: John

In addition, you can use a combination of search operators to refine your results further. For example, Name: Sales Source: Sample - eCommerce

To locate a dashboard:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click
    to display the Search field.

  2. In the Search field, enter the title of your dashboard. Any dashboards that contain the characters you entered are displayed.