Live Model Query Settings

Live models appear in the Data page list of data models.

To set the query settings for live models:

  1. Click the three dots menu.
  2. From the menu, select Query Settings. The Query Settings pane appears.

  3. You can set the following:
    • Result Limit - Determines the maximum number of results to include in the on-screen presentations.
      Note that the Pivot widget has an additional query limit setting:
      • If 'Pivot Query Limit' < 'Query Settings Result Limit', the Pivot Query Limit is applied.
      • If 'Pivot Query Limit' > 'Query Settings Result Limit', the Query Settings Result Limit is applied.

    • Query Timeout (Seconds) - The query processing duration until the data source begins to returns results. If exceeded, the query will be automatically timed out.
    • Automatic Refresh - Determines whether the results are automatically refreshed. Enabling automatic refresh allows dashboards to be refreshed in the background at the rate determines by the Refresh Rate setting.
    • Refresh Rate (Seconds) - The duration after which the query refreshes the results. The minimum refresh rate is 2 seconds.

The table below lists the number of rows returned per operation for live models.

Operation Limit Default Value User Modifiable Set in Query Settings Notes
Preview (data model) 3,000 no no A preview of the raw data without calculations.
Present chart widgets 5,000 yes
yes This is set in System Management > Configuration > 5 clicks on the Sisense logo > Base Configuration > WidgetQueryLimit.
Present pivot 5,000 yes no This is set in System Configuration > Pivot Table (Pivot Query LIMIT). The limit is the lower of the query result setting and the Pivot Query LIMIT setting.
Export to CSV 5,000 yes no

This is set in System Configuration > Query (LimitOfDownloadRowsForLive). When set to 0 (default), the limit is according to the query limit's setting. Admin can set up to 2B rows.


Big CSV files can take a lot of time to export. There is no export progress indication to the user.