Installing RKE with a Specified UID

When installing Sisense, the default installation user ID is 1000. Sometimes, due to security restrictions, it is not possible to use UID 1000. In this case, you need to specify a different UID and use it to install Sisense.


  • Specifying a non-default UID is only supported for multi-node installations.

  • When using a non-default UID, monitoring is not supported.

  • The user must have a name other than sisense.

Before installing Sisense, on each node:

  1. Create the user that you want to use, and generate a password for it. Make sure that the user is on each node with the same UID.
    sudo adduser CustomUsername

  2. Add the user to the sudoers file: /etc/sudoers.d/custom-user-permission.
    CustomUsername ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

  3. Add the user to the docker group.
    sudo usermod -aG docker CustomUsername

  4. Connect to the node as the user you created.
    sudo su - CustomUsername

  5. Configure the SSH key to all the nodes. For details, see

  6. Run the following command on each of the instances:
    ssh-copy-id CustomUsername@instance_node_IP