Duplicating Data Models

Sisense enables you to easily create copies of your data models, both live and ElastiCube models. This is useful for creating backups of your data models or creating models that can be shared with other users.

When you duplicate a data model, a copy of the model is added to your Data page. Duplicated models share the same schema as the original in its current state. This means that if you have changed your schema since its last build, the build is ignored and only the current state of the model is duplicated.

Duplicated models retain the data sources and relationships of the original model. Other assets, such as row-based data security, hierarchies, and sharing permissions, are not saved in the new model.

ElastiCube models can be duplicated in one of three ways:

  • Duplicate Model - Duplicates the model as it is.

  • Duplicate As Live - Duplicates and converts an ElastiCube model to a live model.

  • Duplicate with Direct Relations - Duplicates the model and converts all shared relations to direct relations between each pair of tables in the shared relation group. In this structure, the links between each pair of tables is displayed, and each link can be deleted individually.


    • This operation is irreversible. That is, there is no operation to convert the direct relations back into a shared relation group.
    • When you use Duplicate with Direct Relations, the duplicated model that is created has direct relations. Therefore, if you then duplicate the duplicated model, the Duplicate As menu will only show the first two options, Duplicate Model and Duplicate as Live.

    • To support model migrations (e.g., from EC to Live), you can also move dependencies (e.g., Dashboards, Notebooks, etc.) from one model to another.


    In this example, the ER, Diagnosis, and Conditions time of stay tables all connect to the Admissions table with a diagnosis ID.

    When duplicating this model using Duplicate with Direct Relations, the resulting model shows the direct relations between each pair of the ER, Diagnosis, Conditions time of stay , and Admissions tables.

    In this way, it is possible to delete the link between any two of the ER, Diagnosis, Conditions time of stay, and Admissions tables, as required.

If you want ElastiCubes to always duplicate models with direct relations, navigate to the Admin tab > Server & Hardware > System Management > 5-clicks on the Sisense logo > Base > AlwaysDirectRelations and enable the alwaysDirectRelations.enabled parameter. This will cause:

  • All newly created ElastiCubes to be created with direct relations.

  • Imported ElastiCubes to be converted to ElastiCubes with direct relations.

  • The Duplicate with Direct Relations menu option to be hidden from the Duplicate As menu (as all models will automatically duplicate with direct relations).

Because live models only have direct relations, a live model can be duplicated in only one of two ways:

  • Duplicate Model - Duplicates the model as it is.

  • Duplicate As ElastiCube - Duplicates a live model as an ElastiCube model.

To duplicate a model:

  1. In the Data page, click the menu for the relevant model and select Duplicate As.

  2. Select the duplication type, for example, Duplicate Model, Duplicate As Live, Duplicate with Direct Relations.
  3. In the window that appears, enter the name of your new model.

  4. Click Save. The model is added to your Data page.