Creating Custom Live Table Queries

You can manipulate live data directly from within Sisense, by running custom SQL queries against the live data source, without modifying the data in the original data source. For example, you can:

  • Create calculated fields
  • Limit table scope (using the WHERE function)
  • Create Union tables

Once you defined custom fields or tables against the Live data source, these fields or tables have all the functionality of regular tables that reside within the Live data source.


  • Custom live table queries are calculated against the live data source. No data is stored within the Sisense application.
  • Custom live table queries have no limitation on their complexity. Performance is determined by the capabilities of your data source.
  • This feature is enabled by default. In order not to overload the data source at particular times, the ability to create custom queries can be disabled, as necessary, from the Admin page, under Feature Management (which you can open via the search or under App Configuration).
  • A Common Table Expression (CTE) statement is not supported for a custom import query.

To add fields or set tables with custom live table queries:

  1. In the Connect Wizard, click + next to Add Table Query at the bottom of the list of tables and views. An empty custom table is added to the list, and the Settings area opens.

    Or, when previewing an existing table, click Edit Query to modify the custom query.

    In the Settings area, enter or modify your custom SQL query.

  2. (Optionally) Give a descriptive name to your query.

  3. Click Parse to verify your query syntax before saving the query.

  4. Click Done to apply the live table query to the live data source.