Creating a Dashboard with Multiple Sources

Dashboards can support multiple data sources including ElastiCube and Live data models. This is sometimes referred to as a"hybrid model". Using a hybrid model enables you to have widgets built on several data sources within a single dashboard. For example, if you have widgets from an ElastiCube on a dashboard, you can add a data set to the dashboard and create widgets built on that data set's Live data source. The widgets from both data sources continue to function independently of each other in the same dashboard.

In addition, Sisense supports filtering different widgets based on different data sources when the filters tables and columns (in the data model) are named the same.

To create a widget based on another data source, when you add the widget, in the top-right corner of the New Widget window, select the data source.

Watch this video for a demonstration of setting multiple sources to a dashboard:

Watch this video for an explanation of filtering different widgets based on different data sources: