Configuring Additional Installation Values

In addition to the YAML files used for Sisense deployment on Linux, Sisense provides an installer-values.yaml file with additional parameters that you can use to customize your deployment.
You can find this YAML file in the following location:

Parameters Description
retain_log_files: true Sisense log backup files are stored in: archives/var/log/sisense. The log backup files are deleted if Sisense is uninstalled.
internal_logs: true Fluentd-bit aggregate Sisense service logs are stored on the first kubernetes node.
check_disk_utilization: false When set to true, Sisense validates the second disk performance during installation.
resource_quota: false When set to true, Sisense limits the resource quota limits for the Sisense name space.
resource_quota_limits_cp: 82 Sets the CPU limits for the Sisense namespace
resource_quota_limits_memory: 87 Sets the memory limits for the Sisense namespace
utils_namespace: default Centralized applications namespace (NFS-CLIENT, NFS-SERVER, NGINX, Descheduler)
monitoring_namespace: monitoring Specifies a namespace for the monitoring chart
grafana_port: 30300 Sets the default cluster for the Grafana NodePort
advanced_monitoring: false When set to true, enables advanced monitoring (ControlPlane: etcd, kube-proxy, kube-api, coredns)
metricbeat_enabled: true Enables the metricbeat to ship metrics to the external monitoring system
prometheus_enabled: true Enables the Prometheus Operator Sets the account annotations service for all of the services Sets the account annotations service for the management service
apm: enabled: false license: "" process_host: "" New Relic APM configuration
ebs_csi: enabled: false Set to true when using AWS EBS CSI drivers